Real Estate Development

Druid Heights CDC’s Real Estate Development Program provides quality  home-ownership and rental housing opportunities to households with low moderate and upper income households in the Druid Heights Neighborhood and throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

The Real Estate Development Program is the corner stone for the agency’s holistic approach to community economic development activities.  The program’s primary development focus has been to implement the comprehensive community plan created with the input from neighborhood residents that outlines the areas land use development activities.  The plan attempts to address the housing and commercial development needs through revised land use planning and new real estate development projects.   A major component of community plan is the economic opportunities created by the housing projects for residents both skilled and unskilled jobs. DHCDC is keeping pace with today’s economic challenges by reaching out to the private and public sectors organizations such as State Farm Insurance, Baltimore City’s Department of Housing and Community Development and Enterprise Community Partners.   Their technical and financial support provides the resources necessary to continue the successful operations of DHCDC’s Real Estate Development Program.