Employment Opportunity!
April 8, 2015
Adult Education Classes
April 16, 2015

Job Opportunities

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, as many as 50 men and women from the community arrived at the Druid Heights Community Center to participate in a Job Opportunities Fair. Mr. Gibson Porter, CEO of Gibson Landscaping Inc., was on hand to interview and hire residents from the community. All participants were given information about upcoming Job Fairs, construction job opportunities, and a chance to interview with Mr. Porter. Staff at Druid Heights CDC was available to produce resumes for the people in need of this service. Our mission is to cause encourage and promote community self-empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment and affordable housing opportunities. The community organization places an emphasis on our “people building” initiatives. We will work to keep the community informed about employment opportunities. A Jobs Bulletin Board is posted in the computer Lounge of the community center where residents can check for weekly updates.

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