Gateway Development



The Gateway Housing Development (Gateway) will target vacant buildings existing between the 1800 – 2200 blocks of McCulloh Street and Druid Hill Avenues. These streets serve as the main entry and exit through fares for the neighborhood. The Gateway Development will also rehabilitate vacant houses on targeted blocks in order to stabilize that area of the community.

The Druid Heights community is located within the Old West Baltimore Historical District. The revitalization of the homes will provide opportunities for potential homeowners to benefit from Maryland Heritage Structure Rehabilitation Tax Credit issued by Maryland Department of Planning and the Maryland Historical Trust.

All houses will include “Green Building” amenities that will include modern kitchens and bathrooms with all new appliances. The houses will contain all new roofing, flooring, and heating, plumbing and central air conditioning systems. The total square footage of the houses ranges from 1,400 – 2,257. Sales prices start at $109,000.

For more information please call:

Chloe Williams



2138 Druid Heights Ave – SOLD

2022 McCulloh St – SOLD

2024 McCulloh St – SOLD

2026 McCulloh St – SOLD

2028 McCulloh St – SOLD

2100  McCulloh St – SOLD

2103 Druid Hill Ave – SOLD

2105 Druid Hill Ave – UNDER CONTRACT

1815 Druid Hill Ave – SOLD

1817 Druid Hill Ave – SOLD

1939 Druid Hill Ave – SOLD