Druid Heights Gifts In Kind International Framing Hope


Druid Heights Community Development Corporation (DHCDC) is pleased to submit our Framing Hope Impact Story. Our mission is to cause, encourage and promote community self empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment and affordable housing opportunities. The Framing Hope program directly supports our mission by providing resources and gifts to the community as we work to build affordable homes and people. We serve approximately 500 children each year and 3,000 families in a community of 10, 114 residents.

The Druid Heights CDC, in addition to many programs, oversees and manages 22 single parent transitional housing units for the homeless families serving a minimum of 75 people. Of the 75 residents, 53 are children who received great holiday gifts. The parents benefited from Gifts In Kind by receiving small appliances and household goods that are not standard to transitional housing.

The relationship with the staff at Home Depot stores # 2504 and # 2577 is one of professionalism and compassion. Our two contact people, Ms. Christy Clemonts and Ms. Loretta Imhoff are committed to delivering excellent customer service and are knowledgeable about the needs of this community while identifying products that are best suited to our residents. As a result, all of the gifts are utilized.

“Home Depot’s strong relationship with Druid Heights CDC is a product of our mutual interest and cooperation. Working together at community parks and beautification projects, Framing Hope programs and seasonal activities, we were able to give back energy and resources that will create and strengthen healthy communities.” Bob Tucci, Lead Generator of Home Depot # 2504.

The success of this program is evident through increased volunteerism and attendance at community meetings and the benefit of saving cost on our construction projects. Most impressively, more than 150 volunteers from Home Depot store # 2504 volunteered and assisted the residents in Druid Heights with building a needed playground in the community. Since we developed this relationship, Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Depots and the Home Depots have made significant contributions to the organization.  Many of the gifts were given to residents in our 47 unit senior housing complex, The Charles Uncles Plaza.  We have placed in storage items like doors, windows, hot water heaters, tools and equipment that we can use on the renovation of homes in the community.

This week beginning Monday, December 13, 2010 residents from the community came to the community center to assist in wrapping gifts for financially distressed families. On Saturday, December 18, 2010, the regularly scheduled monthly community meeting will become a Holiday party with at least 50 volunteers from the community wrapping as many as 200 gifts to be distributed to the community.

As the Director of Community Resources, I am amazed at the quality of goods and the positive outcomes we were able to produce with the assistance of Framing Hope International Gifts In Kind program.   Our story is one of gratitude to the Gifts in Kind program.