Adult Female Re-Entry Program


What Is The Adult Female Re-Entry Program?

The Adult Women’s Re-Entry program  provides adult women, 25 and over who have a history of criminal justice involvement and substance abuse with the services necessary to achieve and maintain safe and healthy lifestyles.  We are here to help all women with the necessary support, basic skills, and guidance they need in every day living.

Clients will participate in 1yr. program divided into 4 stages, once completed they will have a graduation for clients on an assigned date.   DHCDC provides referral resources to clients for housing, detoxification from substance abuse, one on one counseling, NA/AA meetings, GED program, Job Skills learning, computer literacy, and employment resources.

 Who does Druid Heights CDC Adult Female Re-Entry Program Serve?

The Adult Female Re-Entry serve all women, 25 and over that enters our doors in need of assistance.  Women seeking help from substance abuse and are willing to enter a 7 to 30 day detoxification treatment program. We also serve women exiting prison, that want to change their lives for the better and live as productive members of society.

What Services Does The Druid Heights CDC Adult Female Re-Entry Program Offer?

Assistance and Referrals for:

  • Housing
  • Substance Abuse Programs
  • Employment
  • Mental Health Services
  • Legal Issues
  • GED Program
  • Computer Literacy Program

Our mission is to cause, encourage and Promote community self-empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment, and affordable housing opportunities

Druid Heights CDC Adult Female Re-Entry Program Women’s Rap

The Program provides a Women’s Rap Support Group every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 – 8 pm. This group invites positive and successful women, that are recovering addicts or ex-offenders that have change their lives and are productive members of society to talk with the women and give them a shot of hope.  Our group encourage,support,  and motivate our women to live healthy lifestyles.

Carrollton House

The Carrollton Transitional House is a 6 unit apartment building located in the Harlem Park community.  The building provides housing for clients that have graduated from structured transitional housing programs for ex-offenders and are in need of a stabilized living environment while working towards the goal of independent living. The men/women moving into these units are employed or have other income sources.


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