The Druid Heights Community Development Corporation (DHCDC)

The Druid Heights Community Development Corporation (DHCDC), a non-profit organization, was established in 1974. DHCDC is governed by a 18-member Board of Directors that include political, corporate, and community representation. Its mission is to promote and encourage areas of community development and empowerment through numerous initiatives. The overall goal is to accelerate the revitalization of the neighborhood with self-empowerment, employment and economic opportunities all while creating a stable and safe community environment.
Our mission is to cause, encourage and promote community self-empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment and affordable housing opportunities.

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Druid Heights CDC is a grass-root, residents driven and community focused organization. Neighborhood residents are committed to leadership, community service, advocating and supporting the planning and development of the community. Their input and volunteer support is essential to the operations of community outreach programs. As Druid Heights CDC continues to build residential and commercial properties, our strategy is to “build people first”.

Our re-entry program focuses on ex-offenders that are just released from prison; we provide case management and biweekly men’s rap and women’s rap sessions. We also have transitional housing as well as a component targeting home detention. Where we have a structured 3 day a week 6 month program that impacts DOC Home detention clients helping them to reintegrate into society.

In addition, our case manager’s act as a liaison’s and advocates. Our expected outcomes for CDHU clients is to help clients successfully complete Home Detention and adhere to all DOC/CDHU/DPP rules , preparing clients to adjust to a normal life by establishing relationships with families and children , deter criminal behavior , deter substance abuse , reduce recidivism , increase public safety.

Adult Female Re-EntryAdult Male Re-Entry

Druid Heights CDC's Housing Counseling program offers counseling in financial planning, pre – and post-purchase, default and delinquency prevention, predatory lending, HECM (Reverse Mortgage) and other aspects of homeownership and tenancy. Additionally, it works collaboratively with public and private financial programs to ensure proper financing for eligible participants.

Housing Counseling is to provide first time homebuyers with the tools necessary to ensure sustainable homeownership. Using various curriculums the housing counselor and DHCDC partners provide financial planning and asset management as well as comprehensive housing counseling.

Druid Heights CDC’s Real Estate Development Program provides quality home-ownership and rental housing opportunities to households with low moderate and upper income households in the Druid Heights Neighborhood and throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

The Real Estate Development Program is the corner stone for the agency’s holistic approach to community economic development activities. The program’s primary development focus has been to implement the comprehensive community plan created with the input from neighborhood residents that outlines the areas land use development activities.

What's Happening at The Heights

October 5, 2017

The Druid Heights community is building a new playground and we need YOU to make it happen !

The Druid Heights community is building a new playground and we need YOU to make it happen. The project is in partnership with The CarMax Foundation […]
October 5, 2017

A/P Saturdays at Druid Heights Community Center! 12-3 pm

Soooooo… about your Saturdays 🤔🤔 Starting October 7… A/P Saturdays at Druid Heights Community Center! 12-3 pm (includes brunch) Looking for something positive, fun, and exciting to […]
September 13, 2017

Community Meeting | September 23, 2017

September 12, 2017

Re-Entry Fair | September 29, 2017

September 12, 2017

We Are Hiring !!

August 24, 2017

Save The Dates !!

Join Us Today For the Community Playground Design Day !!! It’s your community you should have a say !